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Commercial Flat Roof leveling

Flat Roof Levelling Services for Perfectly Balanced Roofs

Commercial Flat Roof Leveling.

Flat roof leveling is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of your building’s roof. Over time, flat roofs can develop low spots or areas where water tends to pool, known as roof ponding. This can lead to leaks, structural damage, and can really wear out your roofing materials. Leveling a flat roof involves applying materials such as self-leveling compounds or tapered insulation to even out these low spots. Proper leveling with Dr. Roof and Waterproof guarantees great water drainage, prevents ponding, and greatly extends the lifespan of your roof by reducing the risk of leaks and water damage.

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Flat Roof Leveling by Dr. Roof & Waterproof

At Dr. Roof and Waterproof, we understand how important it is to keep your flat roof in top shape. Our team in New York specializes in leveling flat roofs, combining our roofing and waterproofing skills to tackle both current issues and future concerns. We use the best materials and precise techniques to level your roof, ensuring water drains properly and preventing those annoying puddles that can lead to bigger problems. We’re committed to doing things right, paying attention to every detail to make sure your flat roof stands up to New York’s tough weather. With us, you’re not just getting a quick fix; you’re getting a long-term solution that protects your building and your investment.


  1. Roof leveling is the process of correcting uneven areas on a flat roof to ensure proper drainage and prevent water accumulation. Over time, flat roofs can develop low spots due to various factors like structural settling, weathering, or improper installation. These low spots can lead to ponding water, which can cause leaks, damage roofing materials, and compromise the structural integrity of the roof.

    Key Aspects of Roof Leveling

    1. Inspection and Assessment: The process begins with a thorough inspection to identify uneven areas and the causes of the irregularities.
    2. Cleaning the Surface: The roof surface is cleaned to remove debris and prepare it for leveling.
    3. Application of Leveling Materials: Self-leveling compounds, tapered insulation, or other appropriate materials are applied to the low spots to create a smooth, even surface.
    4. Ensuring Proper Drainage: The goal is to ensure that water flows towards drainage points, preventing ponding and potential water damage.
    5. Final Inspection: After leveling, a final inspection ensures that the roof is properly even and ready to withstand weather conditions.

Flat roofs can develop uneven areas over time due to various factors such as structural settling, weathering, or improper installation. Leveling may be necessary to ensure proper drainage and maintain the roof’s integrity. Here are some reasons why a flat roof might require leveling:

  1. Ponding Water: Persistent water pooling on the roof can lead to leaks and damage. Leveling helps direct water to drainage points, preventing these issues.
  2. Structural Settling: Over time, buildings settle, causing parts of the roof to become uneven. Leveling corrects these low spots.
  3. Wear and Tear: Weather conditions and aging can cause roofing materials to deteriorate unevenly. Leveling addresses these issues to maintain a smooth surface.
  4. Improper Installation: If a roof was not installed correctly, it might have uneven areas that need leveling to function properly.
  5. Additions or Modifications: Installing new equipment like HVAC units can create weight imbalances, necessitating roof leveling.


  1. Inspect the Roof: Identify uneven areas.
  2. Clean the Surface: Remove debris and loose materials.
  3. Choose Material: Select the appropriate leveling method.
  4. Apply Material: Follow instructions for application.
  5. Check Level: Use a level to ensure evenness.
  6. Seal and Protect: Apply a waterproof sealant or membrane.

1. Self-Leveling Compound

  • Use: Apply to minor low spots and uneven areas.
  • Advantages: Easy to apply, quick-setting, provides a smooth finish.

2. Roofing Underlayment

  • Use: Lay over the surface for a uniform base.
  • Advantages: Adds protection and helps create an even surface.

3. Tapered Insulation

  • Use: Install insulation boards cut at an angle to create a slope.
  • Advantages: Enhances insulation, directs water flow, levels the surface.

4. Plywood Sheathing

  • Use: Lay over the existing roof to provide a flat surface.
  • Advantages: Strong, provides a solid base for further materials.
  1. Clean the Roof

    • Remove debris and inspect for damage.
  2. Identify Low Spots

    • Locate and mark areas where water pools.
  3. Improve Drainage

    • Add or repair drains to improve water flow.
    • Clean and unclog existing drains.
  4. Regrade the Roof Surface

    • Use tapered insulation or a self-leveling compound to fill low spots.
  5. Repair Damaged Membrane

    • Patch small cracks or replace damaged sections.
  6. Install Protective Coating

    • Apply a waterproof coating to protect the roof.
  7. Regular Maintenance

    • Regularly inspect and clean the roof to prevent future pooling.

For severe issues, consult a roofing professional.

I’m impressed with the comprehensive roof maintenance program offered by Dr. Roof and Waterproof. They’ve helped extend the life of my roof with their meticulous inspections and maintenance services. It’s a five-star experience every time!
Carlos G
The waterproofing service provided by Dr. Roof and Waterproof for our Queens estate was top-notch. Their team was knowledgeable, courteous, and the results speak for themselves. No more leaks, just flawless, professional work.
Sophia R
Running a business in Brooklyn means dealing with the elements, and Dr. Roof and Waterproof has been our go-to for all our commercial roofing needs. Their swift response and exceptional work have kept our operations smooth, rain or shine.
Michael T

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