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Your home’s safety and comfort are our top priorities at Dr. Roof & Waterproof. Serving New York and beyond, we specialize in top-notch roofing and waterproofing solutions, expertly crafted for diverse weather conditions. Let’s team up to ensure your home remains in top shape, starting with a complimentary roof inspection today!

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We exclusively utilize the finest materials and cutting-edge techniques to ensure your roof isn’t just durable but also stands out from the crowd.
Your time matters. We promise to finish our projects promptly as agreed, allowing you to return to enjoying your home without any worries.
No surprises here. We offer transparent, upfront pricing, ensuring you understand the true value you’re receiving without any hidden fees.
Our extensive history in New York equips us with the knowledge to handle your roofing needs with precision and attention to detail.
Customized services are specifically crafted to tackle the unique demands of our tropical weather conditions.
We back our work with a steadfast commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction.



Bronx: Ensure your Bronx home is well-protected with Dr. Roof and Waterproof’s trusted roofing services. Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape, Bronx homes face unique climate challenges, from intense summer heat to heavy snowfall in the winter. Our expert team specializes in installations and repairs tailored to the Bronx’s urban environment, ensuring your home remains resilient against the elements year-round
Queens: Elevate your Queens home with Dr. Roof and Waterproof’s premier roofing services. Situated along the picturesque waterfront, Queens homes are exposed to coastal winds and humidity. Our skilled team offers installations and repairs designed to withstand these challenges, providing durable protection and peace of mind for homeowners in Queens’ vibrant communities.
Staten Island: Surrounded by the serene waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Staten Island homes are susceptible to coastal weather patterns, including strong winds and occasional storms. Our experienced team specializes in installations and repairs crafted to endure Staten Island’s coastal climate, ensuring your home remains safe and secure amidst the natural beauty of the island.
Brooklyn: Set within the dynamic neighborhoods of Brooklyn, homes in this borough experience a range of weather conditions, from hot summers to chilly winters. Our expert team offers installations and repairs tailored to Brooklyn’s diverse climate, providing homeowners with durable protection and aesthetic appeal for their properties.
Link Up with New York’s Premier Roofing Experts: When it comes to locating ‘top-notch roofers nearby,’ Dr. Roof and Waterproof is the ultimate choice. We’re not merely contractors; we’re artisans committed to protecting your residence. Get in touch with us—your trusted New York’s roofing professionals—and secure your tranquility throughout every season.

In the vibrant heart of Miami, Dr. Roof and Waterproof stand out as your go-to expert for roofing and waterproofing services. Our commitment to premium quality, on-time completion, and honest, transparent pricing sets us apart. We bring unparalleled expertise to every project, ensuring each client receives personalized solutions that stand the test of time.

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